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Karatbars International GmbH is a category creator in the gold market with an innovative product line, and it is a strong, financially independent (debt free,) rapidly expanding company, with an outstanding marketing system, offering very generous and unparalleled benefits to its customers and affiliate members. The organization was founded in 2011, and its corporate headquarters are located in Stuttgart, Germany, a country which has some of the strictest business laws in the world.

It is important to note that Karatbars is considered to be an e-commerce company with an Affiliate program, it is NOT Multi-Level Marketing. MLM programs require you to purchase products. Karatbars does not require you purchase anything, however, purchasing gold is highly recommended for your own personal benefit, as a valuable asset. No capital investments are required in the company, and there are no sponsorship requirements. Karatbars International GmbH is a completely legal and fully registered company, regulated by the World Trade Organization and has consistently met or exceeded all laws and guidelines applicable to the industry. Through its affiliate program, Karatbars International now operates in 123 countries worldwide.


Other major financial institutions see us a reliable financial partner; for example, The Vatican bought and branded 100 kilograms of our gold and branded it with our Karatbars. NO ONE can doubt that the Vatican is a major financial giant worldwide. The Vatican doesn't get involved with just any company.

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The Karatbars Classic Cards are one of many Karatbars products which are definitely original, certainly a category creator and even better, since the gold that is placed into every Karatbar is "The Highest Quality Currency Grade Gold", it also serves as a rock solid safety hedge against inflation. The Karatbars Product is not only unique, valuable and truly revolutionary, it's a category creator with HUGE demand and an equally huge marketplace. KARATBARS are private issue (produced by a private refinery and mint and exclusive to Karatbars) and are not subject to seizure under the current International Bullion Laws and U.S. Law. Gold coins that have been minted and issued from any government can be recalled to the issuer (the government). All gold from Karatbars is privately issued and CANNOT be confiscated by any authority.The Karatbar is MONEY, REAL money, more specifically, 999.9% Currency Grade GOLD money.

Transactions are completed offshore, gold is vaulted offshore, and all transaction records belong to Karatbars. All transactions are ledgered by username and account number. When verified by German authority auditors, you only need to verify your account number, deposit, and whether the deposit was transferred into physical gold and transferred to the vault or shipped to you, the Customer. Germany is possibly the toughest country in the European environment in which to do business.

Karatbars does not fall under the FTC (NOT an MLM) or the BBB (Domestic Rating Agency), all of which come under U.S.government jurisdiction, or any other jurisdiction not held under the International Bullion Laws.

Karatbars does not report any Customer transactions under $10,000 to any government agency in any country. And Karatbars does not ask for a Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number (SIN). Your identity is kept confidential for your account as long as you are not charged and convicted with money-laundering, involved in drug trafficking, or other international crimes under the U.S. Patriot Act.



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